Saturday, July 11, 2015

Technology Blues and Minions

Sometimes technology is not my friend, and now with this new fitness device that I'm testing, I'm a bit flummoxed (don't you just love that word? Flummoxed?). The device needs to link to my phone via bluetooth connection. I usually don't have any problem with bluetooth, but suddenly it is asking for passwords and after trying the two passwords suggested and having no luck, I'm carrying a Moov in my handbag that I can't link to my phone, and therefore can't use. I have an email out to the Moov technical service people along with a screenshot of what my phone is telling me, but I haven't heard back from them yet. *sigh* If I'm not satisfied by my new "toy" by the end of next week, it's going back to the manufacturer for a full refund the week of the 20th.

The final sprinter's stage takes place today. Hopefully the riders
will all get through this stage to the team time trial tomorrow without
further injuries. 

No major crashes in Le Tour yesterday, and today is the final "sprinters stage" of the first group. Today is from Rennes to Mur-de-Bretagne (179km) going through the heart of Brittany. There should be some lovely architecture to see, but since I usually listen in the mornings instead of watching, I probably will miss most of the sideline shots.

The team time trial will have some topography. Then
there is a day off on Monday while the teams travel to
the Pyrenees for next week's mountain stages. The mountains!
I can't wait! 

Tomorrow is the team time trial - from Vannes to Plumelec (28km). It's not a totally flat course, and the teams are hurting after eight days riding across the countryside. I really feel for them having to start their tour with an individual time trial and end their first long section with the team trial. Ouch!

I can hardly wait! MINIONS!!!!

Finally, "Minions" opened last night. I desperately want to go. Chickie has a "thing" going on Tuesday, so we'll have to spend a little bit more money for a ticket and we'll be going on Thursday night instead. Guess it's time to buy my ticket(s). My "Magical Movie Rewards" card will come along to work with me today so that I can get the credit on my account. "MINIONS"!!!! I can't wait! Have a great weekend!

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