Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Final Remodel Install Stage Two and Le Tour

Today we get the moulding and quarter-round put into the kitchen/breakfast nook. Finally we'll be finished with the flooring aspect of the remodel and we can start putting things back into display cases. After DH is finished making new shelving in the pantry, we'll even be able to get our food back into that room instead of in boxes in the dining room. Baby steps ...

Although I think a wallpaper like this would be quite nice, I'm
actually going for more of a marbleized look to once again
reflect the fireplace. There are two that DH and I have chosen
to take a larger look at. I still have to contact the installer also. 

I'll try to drop by the wall paper store on my way in to work this morning to order larger samples of the two papers we seem to have settled on. It's extremely difficult to tell what the wall might look like when I'm looking at a 12-foot high, twenty-foot wide wall and a tiny four x four inch piece of potential wall covering. It just doesn't give a good representation.

It's pelotons that are this tightly packed that can lead to
crashes like yesterday's two serious crashes. Just one touch
of a wheel when the group is moving at 25+ miles per hour can
cause a chain reaction and seriously bruised and injured riders. 

Le Tour de France, yesterday, was filled with two major crashes (for excellent video of the first crash, follow the link) and a lot of confusion. Several riders abandoned because of injuries, others continued racing in pain. Injuries included a broken wrist and a possible shoulder dislocation. In a rather unprecedented move, the race was stopped and then neutralized until after the riders had gone over the Cote de Bohissau, approximately 50 km from the finish line.

Chris Froome was in yellow at the end of the crash-filled day. 

It was speculated that this neutralization was because there was a second serious crash just moments after the first one and since the medical teams were tied up with the first crash, the second and any subsequent crashes that might have occurred had no medical personnel able to treat any injured riders. Four riders withdrew after the crash - Simon Gerrans, Dmitry Kozontchuk, Tom Dumoulin and William Bonnet. Chris Froome ended the day wearing the yellow.

Today's stage has some ups and downs, but the real challenge will be
the seven sections of cobblestones. If it is poor weather, there could be
injuries and more problems over those sections. 

Today's stage could be equally fraught with danger as we enter the cobblestones. Beginning in Seraing, Belgium and ending in Cambrai, France, the riders will contend with seven separate sections of cobblestones - guaranteed hell for both hurting riders and the machines they ride. If weather plays any role today, we might well see more crashes and have more riders withdrawing from the race by the end of the day. Happy Tuesday to all!

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