Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Busy Day & Le Tour, Day 5

Bob was here yesterday putting up the molding and cutting and installing the quarter-round throughout the kitchen/breakfast nook area. He did a great job and it looks amazing! DH had chosen the color of the wooden molding. I'm not sure I would have picked fruitwood, but it looks nice and warm and goes well with the cabinets, even though they are a completely different wood. I was rather amazed at how long it took. Bob started work around 9:00 am and didn't finish until almost 3:00 pm. In the next stage, I was able to get to the wall covering store yesterday and ordered larger samples of the two styles that DH and I liked. I'll try and contact the installer today and arrange for him to come over to measure and give me a quote on installation costs.

Day five will be a sprinters day with small rolling topography. No
real hills or mountains, no tricky conditions like yesterday's cobblestones.
It'll be a recovery day for the riders while they fight the coastal winds. 

Today is Day 5 of Le Tour de France, going from Cambrai to Amiens (189km). It's a relatively flat stage, lots of opportunity for the sprinters to shine. Yesterday's run through the cobbles was great fun and the winner of the Yellow Jersey at the end of the day was Tony Martin. His team was very focused on giving him the opportunity to fulfill a life-long dream of his - to wear the Yellow for even a single day in Le Tour.

Tony Martin grew up in East Germany and dreamed about standing
on the podium wearing yellow at Le Tour. His long-held dream
came true yesterday with the help of his teammates. 

Three injured riders from the pileup of Day 3 didn't start on Day 4. The big shocker was Fabian Cancellara who had been on the podium wearing the Yellow Jersey on Day 2. He was badly injured in the large crash of Day 3 and had to abandon the race before beginning Day 4. It's a blow to Trek Factory Racing's team. The other two riders, Andreas Schillinger (Bora-Aragon), and Daryl Impey (Orica Greenedge) were domestiques, not podium contenders.

To win the yellow, Tony Martin had to win the stage. Here he is with
his stage win trophy and flowers. He's so happy! 

And so we have a sprinters day today and for the next few days as we begin working our way down the French coast toward the Pyrenees. I'm off to play in the swimming pool to start my day. Have a glorious Wednesday and get lots of things accomplished - I know my list is very long!

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