Monday, July 6, 2015

Holiday and Le Tour de France

Well, my July 4th holiday weekend is now over, but it was really a nice one. Just having the opportunity to sleep in for two days in a row - something that won't be happening again this calendar year - was amazing and wonderful. Thank you to all for the "Happy 4th of July" wishes and cards. They were very appreciated.

We didn't go out to watch the fireworks, but we certainly heard them
going off from the various municipal events. Our area didn't have a lot
of personal fireworks going off, though. 

We did get some work done - we pulled, washed and rehung the living room windows. Now they're clean inside and out. I also did a serious vacuum yesterday, so things look pretty spiffy on the inside too, but generally, I lazed around and read.

Stage Three from Anvers to Huy does have mild hills toward the end
of the run. It's still a sprinter's run, though. 

Le Tour de France began on Saturday, and I'm really looking forward to Tuesday's run through the cobblestones. Today's run is through Belgium with a fairly flat profile. So far, after Day 2, Fabian Cancellara (Trek Factory Racing) is in Yellow and hoping that he can stay there throughout the remainder of the run. But it's a long, long ride and a lot of barriers will be thrown in the way of his achieving that goal. It's going to be great fun watching Le Tour once again.

I like this mock-up of the Yellow Jersey with the Arc de Triumph almost
stenciled upon it.  

About 12:30 am I was awakened with thunder, lightning, and some heavy rainstorms. They're still going on, almost 3-1/2 hours later, so the outdoor pool might be closed until the weather clears up. If so, I'll have some company out at the White Bear Lake pool since that's where I swim on my chiropractor days. Oh well, I can't always have the pool to myself - *sigh* :-)

We're up at the top of the map today, in Belgium. Tomorrow
we start in Belgium but cross over into France near the end
of Stage 4. Lots of cobblestones tomorrow. 

Have a wonderful Monday, enjoy your day!

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