Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Yesterday Was HARD!

It's not that I was sitting all day (although on my class days, that's exactly what I was doing). But working a full day yesterday, on my feet for nine hours with very little time to sit, was effin' exhausting! I'm not used to this any more. One lousy week and my stamina for work has gone to the crapper. Sheesh!

I like the look of this wall paper, although it's hard to say for sure
just looking at the computer monitor or a printout. I'm hoping to get a
sample of it so that I can see how it works with the other aspects
of the room. 

On the positive side, DH decided that wallcoverings for the living room and hallway can be done this year, so I've started looking through on-line wallpaper samples and I'll try and drop by my local wallpaper decorator store tomorrow. We would like to get it finished before we move everything back into the living room after the carpeting is done.

Getting DH to make a decision is so hard! 

DH thinks the room will be quite light with the carpet we chose, so he wants a darker wallpaper that will bring out some of the darker bits of the drapery. I think that will look fantastic, so that's the direction I'm heading too. Time for samples so that we can see what things look like. Oh Geez! That means forcing him into making another decision! Oy!

Something similar to these mixes by White Fox Beads might work
well for us. I have plenty of containers that we can recycle from
other products. I'll see what Chickie thinks today as well as check
out what we would need to sell them for. 

The store was the disaster I thought it would be when I returned. I'll be checking out empty hooks for quite a while. We've been gathering discontinued and short-stock beads together for a month or so and I have a few ideas about how to market these that I'll run by Chickie today. I also will need her help to get my wonderful six-wheel lapidary equipment moved into the basement from the trunk of my car.

The wheels are used progressively from far left to far right. There is
one additional wheel that can be mounted at the far right. Each
wheel is a higher grit to obtain a higher polish on the stone.
It's a great piece of equipment and I'm really pleased that we have it. 

Oh - didn't know about the lapidary set? Well, my first class (a two-day class) was the inlay hollow form ring. We had three sets of these wheels in the class and the teacher was selling them (at a substantial savings) when class was over. DH had been looking at getting one for several years now, so I phoned him and told him about the price. He jumped at it and so we now have a lovely Diamond Pacific Genie - six-wheel lapidary polishing and shaping unit. Since DH doesn't currently have room in his studio, I'm setting it up at the shop for a while so that I can finish the class project which is 98% done but needs the final polish and shaping. Fun!

Just substitute "she" for "he" and you've about got my life.
I doubt I'll have anyone as famous as Clarence Darrow
speaking about me after I'm dead, however. 

So there we are - back to the gym on a regular schedule now, carpeting and laminate install scheduled for next week Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and now with new equipment and new wall covering on my horizon. Life is never dull around my house! Happy Tuesday ... it's good to be back!

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