Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Heat, Banks and Dinos

Today is my "day of" and I already know I'll be running all day. I want to see about wallpaper - whether the local place has samples of what I've found on-line, and if I can just spend some time looking through wallpaper books to see what might be good. I'll also need to arrange for a measuring, or be instructed on the best way to measure, since I have some very odd walls and angles. (That's my living room that has the odd walls and angles, not me *LOL*).

Even this squirrel is trying to keep cool. Fortunately, today will be a
bit cooler and we'll drop quite a bit by Thursday. 

It was unseasonably hot yesterday, 95F (35C) by the time I left work. That will be dropping back down by the end of today, but it meant hunting up my fan before I could get to sleep. Fortunately, once the fan was on, I was out like a light.

There's nothing like raising a personal pack of

"Jurassic World" opens this weekend. I want to go see it, but probably won't make it until after the carpeting is installed next week. Then I'll have a semblance of a life once again. But right now, I'm focused. I WILL see it, though. It's Jurassic, and I love dinos. I plan to see it with DH first, then a second time with Chickie. I saw the original Jurassic with her many years ago when she first worked for me at my Mall of America store. We refuse to miss this opportunity to see another Jurassic together.

All of the fees assessed by banks are money out of my pocket. There
are some months where I'm scraping the bottom anyway, so that's
a no-go for me. 

My bank has decided to raise their monthly service fees to a level I consider unacceptable. So, I'm now researching other options - other local banks and credit unions that won't assess ridiculous fees for what are very easy accounts to maintain. I've got to carve out some time to get this nailed and new accounts started quickly so that I can close my other accounts at the end of the month. I also have to remember what accounts I'll have to switch over in things like my PayPal account. *sigh* This could be such a mess!

I don't qualify for free with my bank any more because our
mortgage has been almost paid off. So now they want to assess me
$13/month for each of the accounts I hold with them. NOPE! Not
going to play their little games. Time to switch to a different bank. 

Well, here's hoping you have a great Wednesday. I'm already looking forward to my talk with Aearwen. We had to miss last week because I was at my conference, so we have two weeks to catch up on.

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