Thursday, June 11, 2015

Rain - A Photo Blog

After two days of high heat here, we're supposed to be deluged by rain today with continuing rain tomorrow. In honor of the heat breaking, I am pulling a few pics together to celebrate rain (here's hoping the pics might also bring rain for my over-baked California friends).

Even adults can enjoy playing in the rain. 

And a quick note on the wallpaper hunt. I went to the "other" decorating store yesterday and spent an hour going through books of samples with a sales consultant. I found eight styles I liked and brought home small samples of each. They all work pretty well with the drapery and carpet samples and would all work on my walls. I have a favorite, but I told DH to take a look today and see what he thinks. I'm not looking for a commitment, just a direction right now. Let's see if we're on the same page.

Although her hair doesn't look as plastered as I think it
should in this kind of deluge (leading me to think this
shot is photoshopped), there is some serious joy about the
rain in her face that comes through beautifully. 

Without a doubt, it's the rain boots (or Wellies for
my friends across the Pond) that just make
this picture divine. There's some serious enjoyment
in this young girl's whole aspect as she strides out
to explore her wet environment. 

Adults can also play in the rain. Here, this man is
clearly enjoying the car splash. I'm hoping his
underwear doesn't get (1) translucent, and (2) too
heavy to stay on his hips. LOL

Yes, the saying is a little bit trite, but it's also pretty true. Today
we'll be using our umbrellas and dashing in and out of
our homes and offices. Maybe we should think about putting the
umbrellas away and thanking nature for giving us and our plants
a nice, deep drink. 

So, time to get back to the gym again, machines on today's schedule. I hope each of you has a truly fabulous Thursday and I'll be back tomorrow.

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