Saturday, June 27, 2015


Well, the eye doctor says it's a chance (but slim), that I can beat this with medication. He's got me on 10 days of antibiotics, 4X a day hot compresses, and recommended an eyelash cleaning gel called SteriLid. Now, all I have to do is find some. I'll check out Walgreen's tonight or tomorrow. He also recommended that I get into the habit of 2X a day hot compresses even when I'm not having eye issues to keep the skin cells of the eyelid open and draining easier. *sigh* I'm hot compressing like crazy, but I'm not sure about my being able to escape the surgery this time.

DH and I are both exhausted - it's been a busy week, and we're still recovering from last week's remodeling thing. It looks to be a nice weekend, and next weekend is the Fourth of July holiday when we'll actually get two days in a row off. Things are settling down. Thanks to all for your concern when I mentioned my eye problems and *hugs* to each of you. Happy Weekend to all!

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