Monday, June 29, 2015

Sunday Fun

After a slow start to our day, DH and I finally got to work and hauled dead wood out to the county compost area. Three large loads in the car and we finally settled down to drink an ale while the expected afternoon rain began to pelt us. Our timing was ideal.

We were sheltered from the storm, and it passed through
quickly, so no problems with rain this time. 

Later, dried off and a bit more caught up on computer work, we decided on Bar-b-que for dinner, so headed over to Famous Dave's Ribs for a dinner of burnt ends and ribs. So good! DH overdid his order, so he has more ribs for tonight's dinner. I had the perfect amount on a great sampler plate, so I have a little bit of carry-home, but not a meal's worth.

I don't eat here often, but their Burnt Ends are SO GOOD!

The yard is starting to look good. It's been a haul over several years, but we're starting to reclaim it and can begin to look at actually putting plantings where we want, recapturing some curb appeal. It's still a long way to go, though.

We have weekly pickup of yard waste at home, but the larger wood pieces
are best off loaded and dropped to the nearby compost site. 

This week will be a short one, with the store closed on Saturday to celebrate Independence Day here in the US. We rarely have two days off in a row, especially both days of a weekend, so this will be a treat. We might join some friends for a while on Saturday, but I'd be just as happy to just hang around home and relax. DH, of course, will probably do yard work because he can't sit still for an entire two days - LOL. Happy Monday to all!

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