Monday, June 1, 2015

Monthly Wrap-up and VACATION!

So quick and easy today before I hit the road for my vacation. Don't get too many ideas, I'll still be reading up on what's happening with all of you - LOL.

I worked hard yesterday cleaning and getting things ready for the
carpeting in a couple of weeks - AACCKK!!!!! But I also ended up
down six pounds for May. Happy Dance! 

First - down another six pounds in May, bringing me to more than 30 since the beginning of the year. (Doing the happy dance, here.) Although I could potentially gain a few on the trip, I'm going to be going to the gym as often as I can and plan to try and keep weight gain to a minimum. I'll have the rest of June to get it off and hopefully increase the grand total.

Time for a Road Trip. I can hardly wait! 

So, I need to put my luggage into the car, get gas, and hit the road. I hope everyone has a really wonderful week. I know I'll be having fun playing with metal and fire. I'll be back posting on the 8th.

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