Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Thoughts and a New Swimsuit

So many things on my To-Do List today that I'll be running around like a mad woman all day. Crazy. My day off is supposed to be a day to create and write and do a little housekeeping. I guess someone forgot to inform my schedule about that *sigh*.

It's a pretty color, but more importantly, it
actually fits snugly. Yippee! 

One bright note - rather literally. I got my new swimsuit delivered in the mail yesterday. So happy. I now have a suit that fits again - snugly, but that will give me incentive to continue to lost weight, and it will move with me in the water instead of bagging. Instead of the purple, I now have fuchsia. The nose plugs aren't going to work, though. Too tight, too painful. It's a good thing they were less than $2.

I cut the top off one sock and folded it in on
itself to make a sleeve. I think it will work well
and I'll be testing it out in less than an hour. 

Since the day when I lost my MisFit Shine in the pool, I've been a bit nervous about wearing it in the water, and my new color of Sea Glass really blends into the water so that a quick glance at my wrist doesn't always show me that I'm still wearing it. I made a sleeve for my wrist out of the top of an athletic sock yesterday evening. I'll pull it over the Shine before I go into the water and I think it'll work well in keeping it snug and protected against accidental bangs with the lane ropes. This may solve my problems, and if so, I'll make it a bit more finished by actually stitching the raw edge.

There is nothing easy about choosing carpeting. DH is
almost happy with the carpeting I chose, he just wants
a little longer fiber. So, it's back to the decorator to see
what might be available and arrange for more samples
from the mill. 

I want to take the laminate we don't want as well as the carpet square we almost want back to the decorator's today. I don't have an appointment, so Chara might not be available to work with me, but I am much closer to knowing exactly what we want. I also want to visit Penneys and arrange for an in-home consultation. I need to scan more books and get them put into their boxes and I, of course, need to do laundry, grocery shopping, and other errands. The day won't be long enough.

We're going to have a ton of filled boxes when we actually need to clear
the area for carpeting. It is the main floor of the house that is getting
new flooring, and everything will have to be moved to other areas. It's
going to be a bit of a nightmare *sigh*. 

But despite the long list of things I need to do, I'm pretty pleased with where I'm at in terms of getting the house ready for carpeting. We will still need to pack up a bunch of things and move a lot of furniture, but I'm getting there - slowly. I'm still mentally shooting for a mid-June install date, but to achieve that successfully, DH will have to get going and help me pack and move. It's going to be a chore *sigh*.

Here's hoping your day will be wonderful! 

Have a wonderful Wednesday, and may your day go smoothly.

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