Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Late? How Can I Be?

How can I be running late at 4:15 am? Yet, I feel very rushed today and not quite in the groove. I don't think there's any real reason, but it is as it is. *sigh*

This is Gary Wilson, one of my favorite stone suppliers for my own
work, and me. I rarely get my photo in Bead & Button publicity
shots, but they've published this one a couple of times now. I don't
recall if this was 2014 or 2013, but it's one of the rare photos of me. 

I got my entry badge and class/souvenir tickets for the Bead & Button Show in yesterday's mail. It's making it seem quite imminent, even though it actually takes place in a month. But I have things I still have to do to be ready. I guess I'll have to spend part of tomorrow working on things needed for my classes, not just things needed for the house redecoration. But I'll also have to visit the home decorating store as well as Penney's once more to discuss some things and schedule some other things. I can already tell that tomorrow will be a VERY busy day.

The new MisFit App isn't working properly for me.
It's not reading my daily activity accurately, not
syncing properly with my Shine, and generally
making me quite frustrated. If it won't work properly,
why bother wearing it at all? 

I received a replacement for my defective MisFit Shine in the mail late last week and have been wearing it and downloading it regularly. While it was being exchanged, they uploaded a new Android app for the product. It's not working well. I'm quite frustrated and very unhappy. I really enjoy working out with a fitness monitor. It gives me feedback. and also allows me to track my progress in ways other than just relying on the bathroom scale. So while I'm dealing with Technical Support on my Shine issue, I'm also looking at two other products out there that work well for my major two activities - swimming and cycling.

The Amiigo might be a good app for me. The bracelet is worn for
some exercises, such as swimming, the shoe clip is worn for running,
cycling and elliptical and it can be taught and customized to work with
weights, so my Body Pump might be able to be programmed into
the software. It's interesting. 

One products is the Amiigo (yes, that's two i's in the name). Although it is more expensive than my Shine, it is still in the realm of affordable. I suspect it will look grungy in no time, but if I got the black, I'd probably be OK with that, and they were pretty immediate when I emailed them for additional information on how the app works on Android phones.

The Moov is another fitness app that works well with swimming. Again, it
gives more information than the Shine, but it's only wearable via the strap, which
you change from your wrist to your ankle, depending on your exercise.
I'm not sure about the longevity of the strap, and their cycling app isn't
developed yet. But their swimming app is fabulous and they have a
special on right now for $119 - very affordable. 

The other product is the Moov, which looks great, but the cycling app is still in development (although the swimming app looks fantastic).

I rarely sell things on eBay, but my MisFit works well, and
probably would have no problem with the Apple app. If I did
decide to sell it, I would just have to specify that it should be
used with the Apple app, not the Android one. 

So I'm wondering. If the Shine turns out to be a bust because of their poor software, will I be able to convince them to give me a discount, or should I sell the Shine on eBay for people who would use the Apple app (which seems to be working very well) and take the money from that to apply to either an Amiigo or a Moov. It's a quandry.

Happy Tuesday, everyone! I'm off to the gym for cycling and Body Pump.

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