Monday, May 4, 2015

I Had A Great Weekend - Did You?

I had a great weekend. From the point where I locked the door of the shop at 5:00 pm on Saturday until I awoke at 3:15 am this morning, things went well and smoothly. Well .. except for gaining a couple of pounds. But that's water retention and it'll be gone tomorrow.

Breakfast was a skillet of veggies, potatoes and eggs. So good! Add
salsa on top and it's the perfect meal. 

DH and I had a nice breakfast and a relaxing day on Sunday. He was busy playing his game for most of the day, and that's fine because it kept him out of my hair. I finished cataloging the books from Sharon's Room and looked into the library - my next and final area. That one is a huge job and it'll take some serious time, but when I have it finished, I'll almost be completely done with the paperbacks. So far I've entered 990 books which I have in alphabetical boxes scattered throughout my living room. Many letters are into their second boxes, and "B" is into its third box. I still have 12 boxes in reserve and I suspect I will need all of them.

I'm just working on the paperbacks right now. There are so many that
I could get rid of - either reselling them, donating them or just sending
them off in recycling. I really wouldn't miss them. Now to finish the job. 

We had finished one of our Christmas ports last week, so we opened one of the smaller "taster" bottles Sunday afternoon for a nice treat. DH says he doesn't like the finishing on this particular port. We'll only get another two or three glasses out of the bottle, so this one will go fast. Then we can try the other "taster" bottle he gave me and we will probably return to our favorite brand once more. It's always good to try new things, though.

Our favorite Port is Sandeman. We usually drink the Founders Reserve, but
have enjoyed all of the vintages. It was recommended to us by a
bartender friend many years ago and we've loved it ever since. 

It's a guppy day today and I can hardly wait. I was listening to some new music last night, but didn't have a chance to actually add any to my play list - yet. I really like the way my playlist for my guppy days has come together. The only problem (and it's actually a good problem) is Pharrell's "Happy". I just love that song and it always makes me want to dance. It's impossible to dance in the pool while doing laps - LOL. Have a great Monday!

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