Saturday, May 2, 2015

I Need A Weekend - MisFit and Beads

Yesterday afternoon, my new MisFit Shine was delivered with the mail. Although I was mega-rushed last night, getting a construction update e-mail off to my customers, I took an extra half hour to get my new toy synched and recognized by the Android software. I'm not used to glancing at my wrist and seeing the Sea Glass color, but it's nice and minimal. I'll wear it from now on and we'll see how long it will last this time. Today is a cycling day, so new activity for it to track.

I had really missed having my MisFit Shine. It's
so light-weight, and I liked the way it looked
as I wore it. The fact that it tracked my fitness and
my sleep was a bonus. I finally have my replacement
unit and I'm delighted to break it in at the gym in an hour. 

Although the Wild put up a fight, they couldn't quite make the win over Chicago last night in the first game of Round 2 in our quest for Lord Stanley's Cup. We ended up losing 3-4. Next game is Sunday, so DH has been making rumblings about taking me out for Thai food tonight. We have a new Thai restaurant that opened a couple of weeks ago and is quite close to the house, and I've been missing Thai food since our last local outlet moved across to a completely different location.

I really love the Minnesota Wild logo. It was designed to look
fierce, bring out aspects of the landscape of Minnesota, but
not have the identity of any specific animal. I really love
the North Star as the animal's eye. 

April turned out to be a really crappy sales month at the shop, but the first day of May was excellent. Thank goodness for Native American customers from Canada picking up beads for their pow wow outfits. That one sale, along with a very steady stream of customers, brought the dollars to a point that I was happy with. Now if the rest of the month can just follow along with this trend.

Regalia worn by the dancers at pow wows are often intricately
beaded. Although I looked for something more elaborate (in the
realm of women's traditional garments, this one is well done,
but not intricately designed). The more elaborate pics I found were
all in-motion pics, so much harder to see the beauty of the garment.
Traditional women's dancing regalia can weigh as much as sixty
pounds. Beads are used on almost all regalia for both sexes and all ages. 

So, I'm off to the gym and ten miles on the bike before work. Have a great weekend, everyone, and if you have a mother you want to treat, remember that next Sunday is Mother's Day here in the US. It's probably time to start shopping so that you're not looking through the dregs left behind by those who are more punctual. Happy Saturday!

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