Friday, May 1, 2015

Good Beltane and a Look Back at April

Good Beltane to you and a joyous May Day. I always look at Beltane as the true start of spring here in the northlands. Even though many plantings shouldn't happen for another week or two, the snow is (mostly) gone, the trees have their first leaves, and flowering bushes and early ground flowers are in bloom, giving us some needed color after the neutrals and dirt of winter.

Good Beltane to all. I love this Beltane Pentagram. 

All told, it was a mild, although extremely cold, winter for us here. My friends out east got hit, though, with more snow than they would normally see in more than a single winter. Storm after storm went east and hit the coast, Boston especially. I hope they too have recovered by now and are enjoying the spring weather and pushing last winter away into their memory boxes.

This photo is Sandal missiles from the 1961 May Day parade in Red
Square. These images were meant to intimidate, and considering we were
all learning to drop and tuck under our school desks, the intimidation
probably worked pretty well on my six-year-old mind. 

I am old enough to remember so many different ways to celebrate the first of May I remember the lines upon lines of Soviet troops parading in Red Square in front of whatever "leader" was in charge of the Soviet Union at the time. All those men, tanks, missiles and other frightening things and, high above them, the fearless leader with his arm outstretched saluting them. It never seemed quite real to me, and of course since the breakup of the Soviet Union, I don't think they do that 'celebration' any more.

I do love me a May Pole with streamers ready to weave. This one is
so large and colorful. with an intricate dance (and enough dancers) the
pole will be covered with interwoven ribbons by the end of the music. 

I remember May Poles with streaming ribbons, and the quaint custom of my very young days of filling a small basket with the first flowers of the season and hanging it on a doorknob for your mother to find. I think later that expanded to be hung on the door of a sweetheart, and then died out completely. I can just imagine my own darling DH opening the bedroom door and scratching his head about what a basket is doing there, if he noticed it at all. He doesn't wake up alert and ready for the day - that usually takes a few hours and a cup of coffee.

Here's a portion of a really well woven May Pole. The streamers are interlocked
and the tree is covered with a layer of brightly-colored ribbons. 

As for April, when I look back, I'm quite pleased. Total weight loss for the month was nine pounds and I made it to the gym twenty-four days. Taking away the four Sundays and my two Chiropractor visits, that's just about right. I'm happy.

Have a wonderful May Day. 

So here's to Spring being officially here. There might still be a snowflake or two in the high north, but we're pretty much into rain now. It's time to put the snow blower away and grab the lawn mower. It's time to look forward to Bead & Button Show in a month. ACK! Only a month!!!! Happy Friday to all!

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