Thursday, May 7, 2015

Running In Place

It's one thing to run in place purposefully such as on the elliptical or a treadmill. It's something else entirely when circumstances cause me to repeat and repeat the same actions again and again. *sigh* It's the way I'm feeling today and I'm just a bit frustrated.

I wear a set of Sporti goggles right now, but I'm thinking about
getting a set of Speedo because the set I borrowed from the
life guard were incredibly comfortable. 

First - new swimming suit looks pretty, but not on me. I need to lost more weight before I start wearing that size. I quickly changed into one of my older suits yesterday and ran off to the gym, arriving almost on time. I had my tunes (thank goodness, because the shuffled playlist that came through in my swim was AWESOME), but in my hurry to get going I forgot all of my accessories - my swim cap (DH calls it my 'Guppy Helmet'), my paddles and, most importantly, my goggles. I have a spare swim cap that I always have in my gym bag, so I was OK with that, but no goggles. Fortunately we had my favorite life guard on duty and I looked up after four laps to see her at the end of the lane with two sets of goggles for me to borrow. One of them fit perfectly and I ended up with saved eyes and a great swim despite events.

DH wanted a bit more of a shag to the carpet, so back I went. The
samples I brought back are still in the grey, but have a bit more
brown to them. I need the bigger samples to really get a good
look with our furniture, though. 

Next running in place was carpeting. I went to the decorator's when they opened and picked out three more carpet samples to come close to the one DH loves that we got at Home Depot (I'm NOT getting Home Depot carpeting - just NO). I got small samples and ordered larger ones to be sent to me, then headed out to do other errands. It seems like I've been looking at carpet samples f____ng FOREVER and I'm so tired of it. So now we're debating again, and once again I have to listen to how he likes the color and texture of the Home Depot sample the best. Well, he'll have to choose something else. But I think we'll be able to tell much more when the larger samples arrive next week.

Lunch was Massaman chicken curry at my new Thai restaurant find. Oh so
good. I only ate about 1/3 of the rice because rice packs pounds
onto me. But the curry itself was just perfect! 

After all of that argh, I decided to treat myself to a nice lunch before diving in to scanning books from our library (I already have 1000 books scanned in and there are probably another 600-700 in the library that need to be done, so yeah - big job). I went to our new Thai restaurant and had a fabulous lunch of Massaman curried chicken with rice. It was spicy sweet and oh so good. My nose ran and my eyes watered and I was in heaven. I'll have this again, for sure!

Sometimes things do get accomplished. Last week I took a chance and met
with the Safety Manager of my town to complain about the parking issue. It's
been 6 months since they put the "No Parking" sign up, and I'm still having
problems. Because of my meeting, the no parking sign that's next to my driveway
here has now been moved up the block to where the telephone pole is and our
ability to see oncoming traffic and get our trash collected has improved.
Squeaky wheels sometimes work well. Yippee! 

Here's hoping that the only running in place I do today is on the elliptical first thing this morning before I hop on the stationary bike for eight miles of push. Have a great Thursday, all, and enjoy yourselves. Life is good, even if I still can't come to a decision on carpeting with my DH.

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