Friday, May 8, 2015

It's Friday, Right? I Need Pictures...

So it's finally Friday, I am ready to swim, and I'm not in a thinking mood. All of this blends together into a Photo Blog Day. So ... what to focus on today?  How about Sculpture? While taking a quick glance through possibilities, I found this venue called "Sculptures by the Sea" which is an annual invitational exhibit taking place on the Cottesloe Beach in Perth, Western Australia. This year was the 11th year the event has been held. Since I've never heard of it before, and since I probably will never make it to see the exhibits in person, I thought I'd show everyone some pics from the 2015 offerings.

This sculpture is quite large. In this lovely photo you get a
good look at the ocean off Western Australia, but because
the piece is up from the beach, you don't see the crowds of people
on the beach looking at other pieces in the exhibition. Nice. 

This interesting family grouping shows five dogs, two
females and they are all following ... a pineapple?
There's got to be an interesting story behind this one. 

I love this ball and chain sculpture. It's such a switch, and
it's quite large (clear in other photos where people are
sitting on the shackle). The mylar of the balloon and
the reflections in it are part of my fascination with the piece.
Opposites attract in this one. 

There was a wonderful flock of flamingos striding
down the beach. This was one of the better pictures that
incorporated their materials, their scale and the fact that
there were several of the beasts. 

I really loved this one, although I think this may be from a prior
year and just used as part of the publicity for the 2015 show. The
colors of the threads blending together and the exact placement
just won me over. 

This one is also quite large. Called "We're Fryin' Out There", it is
by Andrew Hankin. I loved the whimsy of this one. 

This seemed a nice way to end this. It's exhuberant, joyful,
and quite pretty in its presentation. 

So if you're ever in Western Australia near Perth, and you happen to be looking for something to do, maybe you'll intersect with the current Sculpture by the Sea exhibition. They'll have shuttles running, because they get more than 250,000 people attending the event, looking at the various artistic offerings. Or, if you want a challenge, look into applying to exhibit in the 2016 show. Either way, my day was brightened by these offerings and I hope yours was too. Have a wonderful Friday!

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