Monday, May 11, 2015

Let's Celebrate With Cakes!

It's my birthday today and no, I'm not telling how many years I've walked the dusty roads of this world. I am, however, in a mood to celebrate. DH and I went to see "Avengers - Ultron" yesterday morning and we'll go out for Thai food either tonight or tomorrow night to cap off my celebration. I had a relaxing day, even managed to scan another large group of paperbacks into my database. And, when I awakened this morning and stood on the scale, I am at a new low poundage. So all is well and I'm happy. I'll be swimming at the other (new) gym today and going to the Chiropractor afterward, then on to work and my routine. I think I need cake. So here are cake pictures so that each of you can help me celebrate.

I chose this cake to begin with. I adore the fall
colors. When I married I worked within an autumn
color scheme and I am a sucker for the warm colors
of fall leaves. 

This was was identified as a wedding cake. It's a lot
of fun, but I think I would stay away from the
harlequin motif at my wedding.
...Just Sayin'...

I really love this. It's frosting-heavy, but that's OK with me. I love
how you wee the arms of the Kraken (or maybe it's a Giant
Squid) trying to entrap the ship, and the anchor at the bottom
is perfect. The billowed sails and furling flags just add spice.
Great cake! 

I love sushi, and this pan cake with fondant sushi decorations
just tickles my funny bone. The chopsticks are the perfect
extra touch, and I love the fondant wasabi and ginger off
to the side. Great concept. 

Of course, I love Minions, so when I saw this cake, I just
had to share with all of you. Hurrah for Minions! 

And finally, because I am first and foremost a Tolkien fan, I found this really lovely cake made for "Heather and Bobby's" wedding. I really wish a single shot had been taken, or that they hadn't changed the angle between the two pictures, but I pulled them together into a single pic anyway, just to give all of you an idea of what a marvelous cake this must have been.

They two two separate pics of this lovely cake. If the angle
had been the same, I could have melded them into a
single photo to really show how pretty it is. But - it's
a lovely dragon, isn't it? 

I enjoyed looking through cakes so much, I think one of these days I'll look through cupcakes. Cupcakes are fun because there are so many ways to make them fancy and they're still the perfect size for a yummy treat. So please celebrate with me today. Treat yourself to a piece of chocolate, an ice cream, or a sweet dessert. Or, maybe, just treat yourself especially well today, because that's what I really want in this world - happiness, peace, and friendship for all.

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