Thursday, May 21, 2015

Hmmmm - Sometimes I Wonder ...

So this morning I had two mail orders waiting for me - sortof, kindof, maybe? It's on days like this that I wonder if my customers were awake when they were going through my website, or if they just were mesmerized by all of the pretty colors.

Beads can be mesmerizing, and the multitude of colors are amazing
and incredibly beautiful. Maybe they were just so pretty that my
customers lost themselves in the shine? 

The first order gave me all of the purchaser's information - shipping and credit card. But they didn't actually order anything. The shopping cart was empty and there was nothing listed in the comments section. There was no accompanying email waiting for me listing the products she wanted to buy, and no notifications of any kind. What does she want? It's a mystery. She got a return note from me asking what she wanted and telling her that I'd happily shred her information if she sent it to me in error.

It's really hard to fill a mail order that doesn't list the
products they want to purchase. I don't make a good
mind reader, and I'm mystified by this order. 

Order number two was from a local customer who wanted to pick the order up later today. She said she had it all ready to go, either on the website or as a list that she could phone or fax to me. And she wrote me a long email telling me when she'd like to pick the order up. But did she list the items on the email to me? Or attach it to the email? Or actually send the order through the website with a note that she wanted to pick the order up later in the day? No. Of course not. So I ended up replying to her email telling her to phone the part numbers or product information to us this morning so that we can have everything ready for her. But really ... why not just list it on your first email? Save yourself the extra work of a second email?

It is equally hard to fill a mail order that doesn't list product, especially
when they could have just added the items to the long email they just sent
telling you that they want to place an order for pick-up. If they had attached
the list, we could have had it ready to go as soon as we opened the shop. 

If that's what my Thursday is going to be like, can I just go back to bed and hibernate for the day?

I'm not this organized (nor do I have extra boxes for this), but
I'm using a system quite similar to this. A lot of things get shredded, others
are put into my car to take to Tech Dump or Goodwill, there are a
few things that I might try to sell, and a lot of trash. I found a few things
that I thought the kids next door might enjoy so I dropped those off to
their mother yesterday afternoon. Baby steps ...

On a positive, I cleaned like a demon for several hours yesterday and started making some inroads. Not enough inroads, but at least a decent beginning. I allowed myself to have an hour's rest while enjoying my weekly conversation with Aearwen. Also, the person I wanted to win "Survivor" actually won, so I was quite pleased about that. Now to finish my blog for today and get over to the gym. Happy Thursday, everyone!

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