Friday, April 17, 2015

This, That and One Spoiler

So tonight DH and I will go look at carpeting and other samples at Home Depot after I get home from work. I'm giving up my "Amazing Race" for this since asking him to give up a hockey game, now that the Stanley Cup Playoffs have started, would be a waste of breath. But I really need to get a better handle on what he wants since the items I brought back from the decorating center didn't seem to meet his criteria. While we're at it, maybe we could pick up a new kitchen faucet too. Our current one is barely functioning and almost ready to break completely.

I want a rather basic kitchen faucet with sprayer,
similar to this,  We may end up having to get a
single knob variety, though. 

My friend Huinare got accepted to grad school for her MA in Anthropology. I'm extremely happy for her and celebrating, (virtual confetti is drifting down from the ceiling), even though I'm several states away from her. I remember the joy and relief I had when I got my acceptance letter for this so many years ago. Even though I didn't get into the school I had really wanted, grad school still turned out to be the single experience that changed my life the most, not least of which was meeting and moving in with DH. I know she'll do a fabulous job and write something outstanding for her thesis.

For those who may be confused about how the
new characters fit in to the Star Wars universe,
here's a handy little family tree put out by
our own evil empire - Disney. If they manage to
mess the franchise up, I'm not sure if the fans
will ever forgive them. And, BTW, Han shot first! 

I'm probably one of the few who has not rushed to the internet to see the new 90-second trailer for the upcoming Star Wars movie. I like the franchise and have hopes for it, and I've heard good things about the trailer so probably will see it sometime today, but yesterday was busy and things just didn't work out for me to be able to watch it. So there you have it - even though I've watched SW since the very beginning, I'm not planning to rush to the theatre to watch another episode in the saga just yet. I guess I'm still smarting from the disaster of Episodes I, II and III.


Darla won with her four elemental characters, from left - Fire,
Air, Water and Earth. Each presentation was beautifully
conceived, but her "Air" character stole the show. It was truly
beautiful and innovative. 

We had a chance to see the final episode of this season's "Face Off" on Tuesday night and I was thrilled that the winner was Darla. Aside from her talents as an FX artist, she's from Minnesota, so I was cheering her on all season long. Next season begins in July and I already can hardly wait.

That's it for today. I've got to smack some pics into this and head out to the pool. Have a fabulous Friday!

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