Thursday, April 16, 2015

Relaxing - A Photo Blog

So yesterday I was running around all day and ended up researching laminate for much of the night. I managed to get my laundry done, but that's about all. I have samples of carpeting, drapery material and laminate cluttering up my house, and I don't think I like any of them. I need to relax, because I get to do this all over again next week. ARGH!

These chairs are just waiting for me. The combination of
water and a soft breeze is usually perfect for relaxation. 

A hammock at the beach? Yes please. May I have a lovely
cabana boy bearing drinks with little umbrellas along
with my hammock, please? 

Not all water needs to be the ocean. Here, a lovely mountain
lake beckons us to relax and swing our legs over the bared
roots of the ancient pine. 

A waterfall cascading over a canyon wall brings needed moisture
to the desert climates. This secluded get-away spot is just perfect
for some serious relaxation. 

No water nearby? A comfortable seat in the park may be all
that's needed to help you relax. 

No time for a trip? Put on some good tunes and
relax on your own couch for a while. Music can
be stirring or inspirational, but it can also be relaxing. 

Just relax. Take it easy. Go with the flow. And don't lose
sight of that necessity to take a few minutes for yourself. You'll
be the better for it. 

Now to see if DH and I can ever come to agreement on carpeting, laminate and drapery fabric. *sigh* My exercise time at the gym seems like a vacation compared to getting both of us on the same page.
Have a wonderful Thursday. The week is moving along...

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