Wednesday, April 15, 2015

I Owe So Much to So Many, So I'm Apologising

I owe birthday wishes and e-cards to so many of my friends and cyber-buddies and I'm seriously behind in sending them. It's one of the few things I can't do with my laptop, only my desktop will work for Photoshop work. And I've been absolutely swamped at work so I'm way behind.

I'm drowning in work. Just as well it's a Drowning Guppy day for
me at the gym. 

Normally I would be able to do some catch-up on my day off. But not today. Today is filled with appointments (driver's license renewal, checking out carpeting samples at the decorator's in the early pm, and of course the usual - the gym, the grocer, laundry, and my weekly chat with Aearwen). I suppose if I get into a real bind on time, I can postpone the driver's license for another week, but I have a feeling my life will be overtaken with carpeting and window treatments for the next appreciable time frame.

I only have to get a new license every few years, but mine expires
in a few weeks. I'd better get going and get it renewed. 

So here's a general "Happy Birthday" for my LJ friends. I promise that your individual cards will be coming sometime this week, but I can't promise when *sigh*.

So here's a trio of assorted cheesecakes (because cheesecakes taste SO GOOD) to
celebrate the birthdays of several LJ friends and acquaintances. 

Happy Birthday to Huinare, Stormwreath, Wheelrider, Jordan_C_Price and BSLarner, I'm head-deep in thousands of things right now, but I really need to get some beautiful e-cards out to each one of you. Here's hoping your birthdays were celebrated with style. Have a glorious and unhurried Wednesday and I'll be back, trying to catch my breath, tomorrow.

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