Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Week and Weekend - Looking Ahead and Backward

I don't forget, but I don't always have to push either. 

Thursday was Holocaust Remembrance Day in the US. I remembered, I mourned. I spoke in more detail about the Holocaust and my family's experiences earlier this year so my history is generally known; it's not always necessary to make it front and center. Nuff' said. 

I don't want to purchase Home Depot carpeting. Their carpet is
almost all Polyester, but I'm looking at Nylon instead because it's
more durable and feels better. 

So DH and I went to our local Home Depot store after dinner last night. We looked at carpet samples, checked out the sample boards, grabbed free sample squares of a couple of carpets and three stone-look laminates. Then I pushed him over to look at kitchen faucets while I arranged the paperwork for several sample boards so that we could take them home for a few days. 

We rather liked the left-hand sample here. I think I ended
up checking this sample board out for a few days. 

I found it rather funny. Once I put the "No" on his desire for blue carpeting (I'm going for a neutral grey), he started pointing out samples he liked and we ended bringing home samples that were very similar to the samples I brought home from the decorating center on Wednesday. LOL. Guess I knew what I was doing after all. 

I'm looking at laminate for the kitchen similar in appearance to this.
I don't want this brand (in fact, I don't think my decorating center even
carries this brand). I'm sure I'll be able to find a similar look. 

It was really helpful to have the laminate samples from Home Depot, though. We managed to agree on one and I'll go back to the decorating store on Wednesday and we'll see about getting samples similar to what I found at the big box store. I'm sure there will be something. 

I'm looking at this as possible for my new draperies. I think
it will go well with the new grey carpeting. 

Coming home we laid things out, discussed yes/no, and he even went through the fabric sample book I had brought home and stopped at one I had chosen as a possibility. Yeah - I picked good. We'll look at things more over the weekend in different lighting conditions and get a better idea, but I think I'll be much better prepared when I return to the decorating center on Wednesday for my next appointment. 

It's Minnesota, there's no snow on the ground, and the orange signs
and barricades have erupted throughout the area faster than the
leaves have started coming out on the trees. 

On Sunday we'll maneuver around the various road construction projects that are on-going and get to the art museum. We're both looking forward to a fun day spent looking at fabulous artwork. But first, I have to get to the gym, work for the day, and then I can kick back for a full day of fun and eye candy. Fabulous! Happy weekend to all! 


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