Tuesday, April 28, 2015

SCOTUS and Back in the Saddle Again

Today is uber-important because arguments will be presented to the Supreme Court of the US regarding marriage rights for LGBT individuals and the fact that the right to marry should be national in scope, not just state-by-state. I suspect a decision will be handed down in June, but the arguments are today. My thoughts and prayers will be focused on clear ears and positive thoughts all day. Why does it matter?

America has always been in the vanguard of personal rights and liberties. But
we lag behind much of the world when it comes to LGBT rights. I hope the
arguments presented today and the decision to be presented later this year
finally bring us into line with the rest of the progressive world, acknowledging
gay rights for marriage in all states, regardless of individual state laws. 

There are a lot of things that a marriage license conveys that are more than just a piece of paper. There are survivor rights, guardianship rights over any children shared by the spouses, the right to have the spouse at the bedside of the other in hospital or hospice care settings, and many other basic rights that most of us take for granted.

Marriage licenses are issued by specific states and their legality
doesn't pass beyond that state. This case is asking that SCOTUS
mandate that marriage licenses from other states be honored in all
states, even if the couple married is LGBT. 

So while we are thinking about the injured in Baltimore, the victims in Nepal, and the work that has to be completed by the end of the day, spare some prayers for the plaintiffs presenting their case before the Supreme Court. Let's hope the US can live up to their claims of freedom for all with a positive decision in this case.

Heterosexual marriages performed in other states are recognized throughout
the US as legal and legitimate. Gay marriages are not. This dichotomy
must end and gay marriage must be legally considered the legal equivalent
of  any heterosexual marriage throughout all states. 

Finally, after two days off, I'm back to the gym today. I've missed it! Yes, it was only Sunday and Monday, but I missed a Guppy Day to go to my Chiropractor. But Dr :Pat is important too. It'll be good to hit the elliptical this am, and then Body Pump with the new release that I'm still not quite used to. My arms will be screaming by the time I hit the showers. Yippee!

Congrats to Chickie for finishing her Ironman Bike Challenge ride. She
did really well! 

Did I remember to tell all of you that Chickie succeeded in her goal of 30 miles in the Minnesota Ironman Bike Challenge on Sunday? It's the longest ride she's ever done and she had a great time. WTG Chickie. And I'm off, have a wonderful Tuesday!

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