Monday, April 27, 2015

Draperies are EXPENSIVE!

Oy! DH and I went to JC Penney's to look at possible draperies for our picture window. The decorator had come through at prices of $1500-$4000 for one window and that was out of the question. So we have now started looking for alternatives.

We have a strict budget that we need to stick to, but that money is
flying away quickly with the carpeting and laminate. 

We can order custom draperies through Penney's in lots of different fabrics, with the fabric cost being the basis. We need a unique length, not a standard one, and we have a pinch-pleated style with a left draw center pull (the terms I am learning - LOL). We actually did find five fabrics that we liked and they will arrange for samples of each to be mailed to us so that we can see them in the room. After looking at them, if we don't like them, they have an in-home option where a consultant will come and meet with us in our home to show us more colors and possibilities. So there are choices. But we do have a strict budget that we're trying to stick to and the carpeting and laminate are eating up most of that amount.

There are so many kinds of drapery fabric, and most of them are not
ready-made for pinch-pleat mounting. The ones we really liked were made for
pocket or sweep rods which are not what we have. But we ended up finding
some fabrics that we liked and if necessary, we can wait until they go
on sale. Our drapes are crappy, but they will hold up until we order new ones. 

I should be getting my new carpet samples this week and I hope DH likes one of the three. Once he's made up his mind on the carpet, I can go ahead and get things scheduled. We finally have made up our minds on laminate, so one step down...many still to go.

Dilly Bars are vanilla ice cream that has been chocolate dipped, all
on a stick for easy eating. At 210 calories, it's not horrible, and it's
quite tasty. 

Yesterday was a picture-perfect day. After returning from drapery shopping, we loaded Minion up with wood to take to compost and after returning, DH settled down to watch the next game of hockey. I couldn't stand still, so I decided on a walk. It's a little over 1-1/2 miles to get to my closest Dairy Queen, so I took a brisk walk down there, treated myself to a Dilly Bar which I ate at Lake Josephine (right across the street from the DQ) and then briskly walked home again. It took a little more than an hour total, and I felt much better at the end for having gotten at least some exercise.

Here I am sitting at Lake Josephine, eating my Dilly Bar. There wasn't
a cloud in the sky, it was just a soft breeze, the temps were cool
enough to wear a light jacket or hoodie. It was just about the perfect day. 

So here it is, Monday again and another week starts. DH is happy because our hockey team won yesterday and is progressing in the quest for Lord Stanley's Cup. I hope each of you has a wonderful day and I'll be back tomorrow.

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