Monday, April 6, 2015

A Lazy Day Was Just the Ticket!

My Easter Sunday was lazy and exactly what I needed. I slept in, and after my shower and breakfast, set the prime rib out to warm to room temp. I figured out when to put it into the oven, cooked it along with a rice and some veggies, and we had huge pieces of cow to eat. The best thing is that we each ate sensibly and we'll be eating our slabs of cow for much of the next week. The second best thing was that it was really tasty!

I didn't write, I didn't string up beads needing stringing. I read ebooks and worked on virtual jigsaw puzzles. I relaxed. And that was needed because the next two Sundays are days we'll be out and about. This coming Sunday we'll be at the American Craft Council Show, and the Sunday following, we'll go to the Hapsburg exhibit at the Minneapolis Institute of Art. We'll have a great time at each event, but it was really nice to have a lazy day.

I love attending the ACC Show each year. I have several items purchased
from the show over the years and each one is cherished and worn or used often. 

I hope your holidays were equally enjoyable. I'll try to think of a few posts that will have "meat" this week. I've been lazy and haven't been very provocative lately - LOL. Happy Monday to everyone!

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