Tuesday, April 7, 2015

A Menagerie of Thoughts

(1) Congratulations to Duke for winning the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament in a tight-fought game against Wisconsin. I was cheering for the red and white, but the blue won with good teamwork and some stunning rallies toward the end of the game. It was entertaining and a superb end to this year's tourney.

Duke just outplayed Wisconsin to pull off the national title.
Congrats to Duke, and well played to Wisconsin for getting
into the final contest. (Photo by Michael Conroy)

(2) What is it about celebrities? Apparently George Clooney and his new wife will be celebrating his birthday at Lake Como shortly. Anyone who has the audacity to approach them and wish him a "Happy Birthday" will be taken away and fined $600 for disturbing him. Really? REALLY? What nerve. Not that I'm going to be anywhere in the vicinity, but how rude can a person be?

George Clooney and his wife Amal Alamuddin in Venice. So - question for them ...
"If you don't want to be a celebrity, why choose the career path you did? And if you
don't want to be thought of as a dick, why act like one?" Hmmmm......

(3) Now the fun starts on "The Voice" as we have entered the live performance segment and the audience can now vote for their favorites on each team. Teams Blake Shelton and Pharrell Williams sang last night and we'll get teams Adam Levine and Christina Aguilera singing for their survival to the next round tonight. The results will be revealed on Wednesday as each team of five gets reduced to three and the final twelve move on. There are some good singers in this group - some very talented people. If they can continue choosing the right songs to showcase their skills, they can go far.

I love "The Voice" because that's what it's all about - the voice of each
contestant and how well they can deliver a song. No frou frou here - just music. 

(4) The world is so full of negativity right now. Tempers are held in minimal check, fists are as likely to come into play as gestures of comfort. We need some positives coming around, so make it your personal goal to make someone smile today. It doesn't have to be much. Buy a soda for someone. Bring someone a cup of coffee or tea. Compliment someone's pet as you see them on your daily walk. Find something positive to say to the cashier at the grocer as you check out. Leave some warm fuzzy feelings behind you as you walk out the door today and maybe you'll be the one stone that causes ripples of kindness through your community. It can happen.

Make someone's day today, and by doing so, you'll make your own better. 

Happy Tuesday to all. I'll be riding my little heart out on the recumbent bicycle this morning, followed by Body Pump and then many errands before I can get to the shop and actually work. I hope each of you has a truly spectacular day ahead of you.

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