Thursday, March 5, 2015

Writing Writing Writing, and Still Not Finished

I finally got my first B2MeM story (Strings of the Heart) posted at both LOTR Community Stories and B2MeM and almost caught up on reading and reviews. I also got two drabbles posted in Tolkien Weekly - since I had two characters wanting to be showcased, I wrote a quick drabble for each of them. I didn't get any work done on my next B2MeM story, but it's well under way. So, my writing world is progressing. A lovely chat with Aearwen crowned my Wednesday day off.

I use a smaller version of there bright pumpkins as my B2MeM avatar.
It's so much fun to be participating in this once again. 

That said, I didn't get as many books scanned yesterday as I had wanted. I really had wanted to finish the hallway bookcases, but I still have two remaining. Hopefully by the end of Sunday I'll have those two finished and can start in on the next section of paperbacks. I have cataloged more than 500 paperbacks so far. It's been interesting to see what boxes are already full. DragonLance books are already filled - that's one of DH's favorite series, and I like it too. If we have more DragonLance in a different spot, I'll have to start a new box. And my "B" box is also filled to capacity. I blame that entirely on Marion Zimmer Bradley and her Darkover books (and other series besides). I adore her work and own almost everything she's ever published. I'm surprised that my M box isn't filled yet. I have a lot of McCaffrey's Pern books. But I may have most of hers in the Library bookshelves which is the last shelving unit I'm planning to scan.

Marion Zimmer Bradley is one of my favorite authors for many, many
years now. I love almost everything she's written and the worlds
she has created are wonderful, rich and diverse. 

I have been using my new washer and dryer a lot and can conclusively say, after more than 50 uses, I'm very happy with them. The one negative that had been noted in reviews held true - water doesn't evacuate from the detergent dispensing drawer completely and the drawer has to be removed and emptied after each load - but that's a minor inconvenience. I'm thrilled with how clean my clothes are, the amount of clothes I can put into a load, and the general everything about the new washer and dryer. It was a great holiday gift and I have no regrets.

I'm very happy with my washer and dryer and have been using them
a lot since we got them in January. This was a good decision. 

The other product that I had discussed getting is my Misfit Shine fitness tracker. This has positive and negative aspects, but as a fitness tracker, I'm quite pleased with it. I wish it was also a heart rate monitor, but I knew it wasn't going in, so no surprises. I purchased the Coral color and that's what I would change if/when I get another one down the road. The finish doesn't survive contact with the swimming pool's tiled wall and has a few scrapes and dings on it. But it works really well, I've been wearing it 24/7 since I got it more than two weeks ago, and it tracks my sleep as well as my varied activities. It works really well in the pool for my swimming days, and on the cycle for my machine days, two exercises that can challenge a lot of trackers that are focused on treadmills and elliptical machines. It's well designed, it does what I bought it for, and it was only $100. I declare myself satisfied right now. We'll see how long it works before I have to replace it. Fitness monitors have a history of short lifespans.

I'm very pleased with my Misfit Shine. The surface finish isn't as durable
as I had expected, but the performance is excellent. 

And on that note, it's time to get ready to get out of here and hit the gym. Have a fabulous Thursday, everyone. Write something, review something, tell someone that you love them. Make some happy waves today.

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