Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Promises and Machines

Yesterday's snow advisory hit around us, but missed the Cities. We got snow, but less than two inches at the shop and less than three at home, all of which had been shoveled early. Although it snowed for more than five hours, the last few hours just melted away from shoveled surfaces, so today's foray to the street with the garbage can won't be fraught with dangerous ice and snow. Yeah!

Fortunately we were spared by this weather warning. I did have to shovel, and
we're back into the cold now, but it could have been MUCH worse. 

On Saturday my credit card terminal at the shop shifted from 'healthy' to 'on life support'. I was on the phone with tech services five times, we downloaded software and tried this and that fix, finally settling on a method that would get us through a few days while we purchased a new terminal on Monday morning.

I'm supposed to be getting this baby for the shop. And, of
course, it takes a smaller roll of thermal paper, so the
supplies I bought a month ago are useless. It's lighter, it
conforms to all of the new regulations, and it's smaller.
We'll get used to it (if it ever arrives...)

Great idea. I phoned and got a new terminal ordered and approved at 7:30 am on Monday morning and it was supposed to have been shipped to me overnight. Well, Tuesday arrived and no terminal! Call me unhappy. If it arrives today, I'm going to leave it in its box until Thursday because I'm not in the shop on Wednesday so I won't be there to troubleshoot the learning experience that a new CC terminal will entail. I did send an Email out to my service associate this morning asking "Where's my terminal? Can you give me a tracking number for the shipment?", but of course won't hear back from them until after I've pounded out some of my frustration in the pool.

I do a lot of miles on the Matrix recumbent bicycle. I love their
virtual programs that have me riding through the mountains of
Washington state or along rough park pathways in British Columbia, Canada.
I usually do at least six miles on the recumbent before turning to the treadmill
to round out my non-Drowning Guppy days. 

On the good news front, I managed to run/bike almost nine miles yesterday morning and today is a Drowning Guppy day, always one of my favorites. So things could be worse ... like ...

Eventually I'll get used to the new app, and I'll set up bookshelves which
I really have been wanting. But I HATE having to get used to new software.
Right now the books are organized by title, and I want them organized by
author. I can't find where it will let me do that and it's damned frustrating! 

There was a software update to my Nook application on my Android phone yesterday. It really messed things up. I finally found how to find my books in 'most recent' order instead of just alphabetically, and it will allow me to set up virtual bookshelves which will be great in the long run, but it's not very intuitive and is rather stumbling. The new page size for reading is nice, though. Still, I sent them a very caustic email immediately after updating. I have almost 800 books on my Nook and having them suddenly reorganized was annoying. Then having it tell me I didn't have a book open when I was in the middle of one was even more annoying. Argh!

The Machines are taking over! 

Sometimes the machines are winning and I'm losing. Happy Wednesday to all!

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