Friday, March 6, 2015

This and That - Changes and Other Blogs

I read a number of blogs from different people, some of whom I've met, others who are strangers to me. I find interesting tidbits in all of them, but today was a bit exceptional because I had one friend who is going to be changing her life from top to bottom and starting on a new pathway, and another blog post from a stranger that talked about fanfiction and AO3 out of the blue and introduced the other readers to a concept they hadn't thought of before (to judge by the comments made). Wow. It's hard to believe the others hadn't heard of fanfiction or AO3, but there are large rocks out there that people can hide under.

Anyone who hasn't heard of fanfiction by now has been hiding under a rock,
just like this little sweetheart. 

My friend, or acquaintance, or LinkedIn link, or run into sometimes at shows friend, "N",  is changing her life dramatically. Finalizing her divorce, she will be left without a house and is looking at changing many different things to allow herself to move on her new path. A jeweler of exceptional talent, she's thinking about purchasing an RV and wandering around the country, offering workshops here and there and examining places until she finds the place that sings to her heart. At her age (she's a few years older than I am with four grown children), this is a leap of faith. But to stay in a situation where things weren't working just didn't make sense to her any more. So I applaud her gutsy move and wish her all the best as she starts her next step.

She's thinking about painting a flying pig on the side of her RV because
she's taking a leap of faith that this new venture will be successful. 

On the other hand, a promotional post for a book started out with a long section about AO3 and how easy it is to get sucked into fanfiction which will 'feature every pairing you ever thought of (and probably some that you haven't)'. I had to laugh. AO3 is one of the archives that I use, certainly, but it isn't the largest of the fanfiction posting sites. The largest archive, to my knowledge, is still But without a doubt, AO3 is a growing concern and, since it is author supported, has been growing in just the right way. But if you want every pairing under the sun and then some, is probably where I would start looking.

I doubt there are stories about kitties being best friends with chickies on AO3,
but you never know what you may find if you look. 

Then there's me. Happily posting in LiveJournal and Fairie, MPTT and AO3 (when I remember). I have much more fun writing than I do catching up with my archiving. Even my spreadsheet of posted stories is out of date since nothing I've written in 2015 has been uploaded to my archives yet. *sigh* bookkeeping. It just isn't fun!

I'll be a swimming guppy today. Isn't this one pretty? 

Happy Friday to everyone. I'll think of you while I'm swimming this morning. Maybe I can come up with a good way to cut my word count in my current story by at least half. It's growing out of control!

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