Thursday, March 12, 2015

So Late & So Much To Do! - BUSY!

My in-box was filled with all sorts of emails that I actually had to deal with - print, process, follow up on. Before I knew it, I was running late and that's how this day is going to go. I have my new charge terminal which I want installed and tested before I open the store. I have to go to the gym and the bank before I open, and I have an appointment with a security consultant right when I unlock my doors. It's going to be a crazy few hours here.

I enjoy Michael Connelly's gnarly Harry Bosch character. I haven't
watched the TV series (don't get the specialty cable stations), but
I've always enjoyed reading and listening to the books. 

I had every good intention yesterday. I wanted to get some computer work done. Scan some more books, Measure my car's cargo bay for a possible interior protection component. Do some writing. Do some beta work. Open my Camp NaNoWriMo cabin. And of course, the usual - grocery shopping, laundry, etc. I did the usual because groceries and laundry are very important in my life. But I needed a day of down time - things have been very stressful. So instead of doing any of my computer work, I buried my nose in a NookBook - "The Burning Room" by Michael Connelly, to be precise. I adore his Harry Bosch character. So I read. I didn't write, I didn't beta, I barely read my on-line notifications. I read a novel. I'll regret it today, but enjoyed the bit of down time.

Right now I'm just being pulled in too many directions. That
will calm down, but not until the end of the month. Eeeek!

Today will be a LOT different. Today I'll be at the shop. I'll be working with customers, tagging and putting away new and restocked merchandise, talking with vendors about supplies and problems, and hopefully resolving some long-standing issues. I'll stir-fry some chicken for dinner and then go on-line to file the sales tax report with the state for the month. And finally I'll pour into bed and try and get some sleep because I'm already tired just thinking about my day - LOL.

No grass growing on my busy mind. But sometimes it would be
nice to have a bit of space in which to breathe. Today will NOT
be a breathing day. 

I hope your day will be a bit more relaxed than mine will probably be. Have a wonderful Thursday and I'll be back, a bit less rushed, tomorrow.

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