Friday, March 13, 2015

Damned Cold - Head, Not Weather

It's actually warm out this week, we've been in the 50's and 60's, so spring is definitely around the corner. Most of our snow has melted, but that's because we had an extremely cold, but non-snowy winter. (I guess we sent all of our snow to our friends on the East Coast. Sorry about that!) But, even though the temps are warm, I'm fighting a spring cold and I'm NOT happy about it.

It's a small cough, so I think I'm OK going to the gym today. If
I was really SICK, I wouldn't go, of course. It would be rude to
expose others to my germs. 

I'll go and swim today, although I'll be less than at full steam, but I'm still very unsure about going to the gym on Saturday. I might just take a few days off and try and get over this. Since I have my Chiropractor appointment on Monday, that means I'd have three days away from the gym and that's a lot when I've been averaging 5-6 days a week. But, I have to pay attention to myself. I'll see how I feel after today's Drowning Guppy day.

The new machine works great. The supplies it uses are a different
size than our old machine, so I offered to send them to anyone
in my Store Owner's Group who could use them. I already have
someone who took me up on that. 

The new charge terminal is installed at the shop and is working a charm. I felt so pleased when I tossed the old machine into the trash. Happy me! Now I have something reliable again. Actually, a number of things are falling into place, so I'll be happy if that is my new trend for a while.

I'm behind on my writing for B2MeM as well as my reading. I'm just
too tired with this cold. I'll try and catch up a bit on Sunday. 

One of those things falling into place, however, isn't catching up on my emails or my writing. I hope to get some things done this morning, but a lot will have to wait until the weekend. If you're participating in B2MeM this year, I posted a lot of prompts yesterday that might inspire you to create new stories. Take a look. I think there were about nine or so, one each in several different areas of the Marketplace.

Maybe some of the new prompts I added to the marketplace
stalls will inspire you. Take a look and buy a prompt if you want one. 

So that wraps this up. Time to find pictures for all of this and hit the water. Have a truly wonderful Friday the 13th, the second of three that we will get this year. It's going to be a great day, I just KNOW it.

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