Saturday, March 14, 2015

Late But Still Here

DH is sick. He thinks he caught this cold when he waited to see the doctor in the clinic on Monday. I have no idea where he caught it, although that seems as good a place as any, but he's coughing and looks like a drowned dog. (That's really NOT a good thing.) He stayed home from work yesterday and probably will stay home today too. It's OK, he doesn't really have to be at work until Monday, so he has the chance to take a few days off and recover.

DH doesn't do colds well. He looks miserable and
sounds even worse. At least he can still play games
on his tablet. 

I'm sick too, but pretty minimally. Swimming yesterday actually went really well, which surprised me since I was having coughing issues, etc  before I got into the water. But I found my stride and had a good workout. I decided to skip my Saturday workout, though, and give myself an extra hour of sleep along with three days away from the gym (Saturday, Sunday and Monday) to recover. Monday I have my chiropractor appointment (every two weeks) so I would have been skipping the gym then in any case. I'll sleep in on Sunday and maybe even an extra hour on Monday and I should be fine by Tuesday - knock on wood.

I'm doing better than DH is, but I'm still under the weather
and will take it easy for a few days to get this behind me. 

Today's post is late, though, because I allowed myself that extra hour of sleep. And photos will be a bit harder  because I'm writing this on my laptop and don't have Photoshop installed on this computer. So you get short and sweet today.

Happy Saturday, have a wonderful weekend, and I'll be back (hopefully cough-free) on Monday.

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