Monday, March 16, 2015

Foghorns and St Patrick's Day (in advance)

DH was generous, as usual, and gave his chest cold to me. But, as usual, I got the "light" version. So while he's coughing at a range to evoke a foghorn, I'm more in the refined ladies at a country tea level. Nonetheless, I'm happy I took Saturday off from the gym and when combined with today's Chiropractor visit, it means three days away from the gym in a row. I'll be pushing myself tomorrow, but I think I really needed the time off and I hope that I can recover more during the day today or I'll be Typhoid Mary during BudyPump tomorrow.

This is the Ardnamurchan foghorn and lighthouse in the UK. I just
love the shape of that foghorn. Looking at the geographic coordinates,
it's near the Inner Hebrides. 

Of course, DH hasn't gotten any appreciable amount of sleep since he got this cold. His coughs keep him awake most of the night. He has to work today and Wednesday, but can take the rest of the week off if he needs it to recover. Maybe I don't get as sick as he does because I can't indulge in time off like that? Just a thought.....hmmm.....

When does a cough become bronchitis? He's probably
already got that. 

Tomorrow is St Patrick's Day and my family will be celebrating like the Irish that they kind of are. Just kind of. My nieces and nephews go gonzo for their Irish roots which they get through their grandmother, my DH's Mom. Of course, they only celebrate their other side - the German side - for Oktoberfest - LOL.

This pic is from the New York St Patrick's Day Parade. BTW - Bravo to Boston
for opening their St Patrick's Day Parade to two different LGBTQ groups. Well Done!

I admit I can be called across a large muddy field by a good piper. I do love
bagpipes and kilts. 

My youngest niece married Irish, and her children all have Irish Gaelic names. Their wedding colors were the green and white and they're a delightful couple. They are expecting their third child this year and I can't wait to find out what they will name this one. They usually party hearty for St Patrick's Day, but her pregnancy will cut that down quite a bit this year. My next oldest niece is also expecting her third child this year, so she's celebrating St Patrick's Day with a green iced cupcake instead of green beer. Always practical, that's my Mary *hugs*.

I'm rather in love with these St Patrick's Day cupcakes. I'm a bit
old to be going out for green beer, but if someone were to bring me home
one of these, I wouldn't be disappointed :-)

So give some thought to what you'll be doing tomorrow. I'm already looking over my assorted t-shirts to see if I own anything green for tomorrow's gym session. Unfortunately, it's not looking good..., Have a wonderful Monday and a sparkling week ahead.

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