Thursday, March 19, 2015

Seeking My Brain *sigh*

What is it about being ill? Why, when the body feels horrid, does the brain take advantage and go on vacation? I have stories waiting to be written, projects awaiting a spare 15 minutes to do them, a stack of samples that need stringing (work that a trained baboon could probably do), and I'm unable to do any of it. Today, although I am feeling better, I'm still a complete mush in the brain department and that's so very disturbing to me.

You'd think I could at least ruminate about plotlines and character
development, but NO! *sigh*

Yesterday, my day off, I was home from shopping by 10:30 am or so and tossed a load into the laundry. My DH texted me with instructions for the day a short time later. Quote: "I want you in bed sleeping today. No putey, laundry or scanning. I'll figure something out for my dinner." I had to admit that sounded really good so I set my alarm so as not to sleep through my weekly chat with Aearwen and crashed for a few hours. I called it an early night after dinner and allowed myself an extra hour of sleep this morning because I'm not breathing well enough for the gym yet. But
I'm starting to feel human again.

After a LOT of sleep, I'm starting to feel human again. Maybe it's
time to play? 

But my brain is still in the deep freeze! How ridiculous is that? But I'll baby myself through the rest of this week and plan on returning to the gym on Monday. That will give me a full week off to recover from this crud, and hopefully that will be good enough. My brain will just have to catch up.

Yoga is beyond me, although I have a few friends who probably
could do this and look fantastic while they posed. I just really
enjoyed the picture and wanted to share some serenity with all of you. 

Have a joyfilled Thursday, all! Spend some time with the ones you love or make a phone call and tell them that you wish they were with you for just a few hours today.  It never hurts to bring joy to someone else's day.

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