Saturday, March 28, 2015

One Day Off, One Day On and Free Books

March is coming to an end, I still have three unfinished B2MeM stories and at least one drabble hanging out there. Things will be late. Oh well. Getting sick for a week+ hit me hard - my brain is still a bit of mush, but it's starting to clear. I've been to the gym all week and that's been great, and I had a day off yesterday (downloaded books) and only have to work today before I get one more day off tomorrow. Yippee!

Having a work day bookended by days off is really quite nice. Usually
I have a longer period of work before I get my day off. Yippee! 

So, downloaded books. I found out that the Metropolitan Museum had 422 of their out of print catalogs, research books, and exhibition description books available for on-line reading or PDF download FOR FREE, and happily spent a few hours browsing the possibilities. I downloaded more than ten onto my laptop since it has the larger hard drive, and am very happy with my choices.

I had a wonderful time perusing the offerings from
the Metropolitan Museum. There were some
wonderful books available that now are on my hard drive. 

Because of my deep love of Egypt, I mostly chose books dealing with hieroglyphics, Egyptian art and history, and some rather obscure books. I also downloaded a few books on European sculpture so that I can use the pics for practicing my drawing skills as if I was at an atelier. I'm really looking forward to flipping through the books. I'll transfer most of them to my secondary drive on my desktop computer within a month or two just to have the ability to pull images into some of my art programs.

One of the best books I downloaded from the Metropolitan
Museum website was this one. I'm really looking forward
to getting into this book in depth. 

Want some fun? Just follow the link to the Metropolitan Museum book list and see if there is anything there you'd like to look through or read. And while you're at it, there are another 200+ books available from the J Paul Getty Museum where I found some great books on sculpture, glassware and design work. The interface is a bit more clumsy, but there are some very nice books available there.

For those of you into illumination, I found this (and several other)
wonderful books on illumination techniques at the Getty website.
If you like tapestries, there were books on weaving tapestries of
the medieval period in both websites, but the Getty had a
great publication about the Unicorn Tapestries. 

So, although I might not be writing right now, I'm still reading novels all the time and now I'm adding art books to the list. It's no wonder I'm looking at my schedule and making alterations. Too much to do, too little time in which to do it. So ... all's good. Have a great weekend.

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