Monday, March 30, 2015

My B2MeM Is Becoming B2MeM2 and Scheduling

It's March 30th and I still have purchased prompts that are sitting in my ToDo pile. It's totally my own fault. I could probably have written something yesterday between helping DH with computer install issues and cataloging more books, but I didn't. When I had some free time, I worked on virtual jigsaw puzzles instead. I think my brain is still recovering from the flu of a couple of weeks ago. I'm writing my daily blog, but not much else. I suspect April will complete my B2MeM stories *sigh*.

I loved these antique watches. What a perfect image
for time passing by. 

Of course, I also have income taxes to finalize and a tax appointment to set up. I'll probably try to phone and get the appointment set for later this week when I get to the shop this morning. That will give me Wednesday to finish pulling my paperwork together. So - no writing there.

So far I'm only burning one end of my candle, but I suppose
the other end is just biding its time...

I have the final chapter of Iris's latest story to beta. I've owed that to her since February. I'm not very timely on this at all and have been thinking I may have to bow out of our long-standing relationship just because I have so much I have to accomplish within the next few months.

Hear those crickets? That's me looking at all this work and
choosing to waste my time doing virtual jigsaw puzzles instead. 

What do I need to do? (I can hear the curious minds thinking out loud, at least in my own head.) *sound of crickets* Well, I need to get my house redone. We purchased the house in 1986 and have lived here with the same carpeting, window treatments and wallpaper since then. That's a long time and all of these items are old and falling apart. We didn't have the money to replace them, but we've been saving up for this and this year is the year to do it. Thus - my cataloging books as I put them into organized boxes.

DH dislikes most carpeting we've seen, so it will be a challenge
getting some samples that he'll like. But he's paying for all
of this, so he needs some say in where his money is going. 

I'll try to get to the decorating store within the next two weeks to choose some possible carpeting samples for DH to look at as well as to arrange for them to come to the house and measure. Then it will be a matter of moving furniture and scheduling someone to be home when the carpet is installed. I'm not sure they could do the wallpaper at the same time, but that would be handy. The install could be really good, or it could be really bad, but it has to be done. Ideally, I'd like it completed before I leave for Bead & Button Show in early June. No pressure - LOL, no time for pressure. Happy Monday to all.

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