Tuesday, March 31, 2015

In Like A Lion ... Reflecting and Looking Ahead

It's the final day of March and I'm looking back on a month that proved interesting in so many ways. The folk saying is "In like a lion, out like a lamb," but we've actually had a pretty nice March all around here in Minnesota. The rest of the nation, however, still got more snow to shovel. I really hope Spring arrives soon for my friends on the East Coast because they've had a really rough winter.

It's time for everyone to have breathing space. Let's all
dig out and face a wonderful Spring and Summer ahead. 

Passover happens this week - that celebration of being passed over during the final plague that the Lord sent to Egypt. The death of the male first-born son in Egyptian homes was the tenth plague sent by God to force the release of the Hebrew slaves. That the Hebrews lived in Egypt for more than 100 years is documented, but whether they were actually slaves, or rather just one more group of lower-income immigrant workers is up for debate. That the Hebrews left Egypt to wander in the desert of Sinai for forty years is part of Exodus. The lamb's blood on the door lintel saved the children of Israel from death that night. Passover begins on April 4th this year in Jewish homes throughout the world.

I have attended many Passover Seder meals in my lifetime. It's always
a good time shared with friends and acquaintances. The six foods above
always play an important role in telling the story of "Why this night is
special." I always liked the glass of wine and opened door for Elijah.  

Easter is also coming quickly. Easter Sunday is April 5th this year. Since Jesus went to Jerusalem to celebrate Passover, then was betrayed, imprisoned, tried, sentenced and executed, it makes it nice to have Passover around the same time of the month. Both Easter and Passover are roaming holidays. Their dates depend on the lunar cycle and they aren't dependent on specific calendar dates. Sometimes they occur weeks apart. But this year all of my more religious friends are celebrating together during the same long weekend. I visualize a lot of cooking over the weekend.

Did Jesus Christ rise from the dead and leave his tomb on Easter
Sunday? I'm not here to debate religious dogma with anyone. I will,
however, say that crucifixion was a particularly brutal death and
anyone executed in this fashion suffered greatly. 

DH is already asking what we will have for Easter dinner. I looked back at him and told him that we'll have whatever he decides to buy. Easter is just another day on the calender for me, but if he wants a nice dinner, I'll cook it. He just has to buy the meat - whatever kind he decides he wants.

Ham is often the meat of choice at many Easter dinner meals. Here we
have a ham accompanied by asparagus and hard boiled, colored
eggs to celebrate the season. I suspect I'll be cooking a prime rib or a
pork roast. 

So as this month wraps up and two major celebrations approach, it is a good time to reflect on the past month and year and be grateful for whatever was accomplished. Whatever still remains hanging can be resolved during the next month, a fact that I'm very grateful for as I look at my unfilled B2MeM prompts. Happy Tuesday to all!

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