Friday, March 27, 2015

Making Excuses...

I awakened thinking that my alarm should be going off any time, but decided to check my phone really quickly just to be sure. OOPS! I overslept! Instead of getting up at 3:15 am, it was 4:53 am and I was due at the gym in seven minutes! I threw on my swimsuit (thank goodness it was a Guppy day), brushed my teeth (nobody wants to experience morning breath), grabbed my gym bag and I was in the pool by 5:10 am. WOW!

Of course that meant no blog this morning, no checking on orders placed, or anything else I do in the one hour I have for computer work. So ... I'm quickly getting this posted, I'll start a load of laundry, I'll get the grocery shopping out of the way, and THEN I'll catch up with my morning's work - in the afternoon! Oy!

Curses - Foiled Again! 

Happy Friday to all! Here's to a less hectic weekend - LOL.

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