Saturday, March 21, 2015

It Takes Three Things, Right?

So I've been waiting for the shoe to fall, and it could have been much worse than it turned out to be. Things come in threes, and electronics follow the rule too. The first thing was my credit card terminal. That died and I had to arrange for a different machine, new techniques, new supplies and, of course, training. But all was accomplished and a new credit card terminal is next to my cash register and working well.

Making the sale is the goal. Without the right equipment,
it just doesn't happen. 

The second thing was my security alarm system. This was a bit more complex, time consuming, worrisome, and generally a serious PITA. We ended up being without an alarm at the shop for almost two full weeks, but yesterday we got a new system wired up, installed, and new cameras mounted. I can now arm and disarm our new system via my phone or computer, check the camera feed to know if the alarm is false or actually an invasion, and although there's still a small amount of tweaking that needs to be done, we're armed and dangerous once more.

Getting a functional alarm system installed, tested, and working
was a major stumbling block taken care of. There are still
a few small tweaks to be ironed out, but I'm up and running again!

Of course, I mentioned three things, right. So I was terrified that my computers would bite the dust. That would be a problem that would be almost insurmountable. Fortunately, it was the APC that went, and it just needed a new battery. It had to be purchased and installed in a rush to allow my cash register to be powered up and operational for business that day. But it was resolved, as were all of the other electronic stumbling blocks.

There's nothing like no power in our electronic world. Thank
goodness Batteries + is very close by and I have a corporate
account with them. 

So I enter my Saturday's work day and my Sunday off with some relief. The roadblocks were set into my path and I jumped them all. I'm finally over the flu and I'll be back at the gym, swimming, on Monday morning. Have a wonderful weekend.

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