Saturday, February 14, 2015

Windy Focus Photo Blog

I'm running up to the deadline in MSV. I'm almost done, but not quite. I suspect I'll be uploading tonight and be one of the very last to upload, but I keep telling myself it'll be OK. I'll make it. I'm just having difficulty herding my elves into the straight plot line, using whatever means necessary to keep them from meandering around the sides. While I'm sitting here thinking about what I should be writing, the wind is going a bit crazy. It's going to really pull our temps down today. Ick! But wind tells me that I should photo blog today and use wind as the focus. So while I argue with stubborn elves or pull myself away from the latest JD Robb book, here are pictures of that which can't be seen to entertain you. Wind!

We don't usually have the chance to see what turbulence wind farms
can cause, but this shot is an ocean shot. This is the wind farm
west of Denmark called Horns Rev. The turbulence shows in the water
vapor from the ocean. 

I really love this picture. The lighting, the implication of
the storm to come. This is called "Wind" by RAHDS on
Deviant Art. 

In the framework of the previous picture, here is a fantasy wallpaper
called "Wind". I love the lazy swirls in the sky and the warm tone of
the colors. It might not be Earth, but it's a pretty nice looking place to be. 

Here's a great B/W piece by Adrian Sommeling, photographer. Here he
has put himself in the lead with his son barely hanging on in the
windstorm. It's a lovely and detailed piece. 

This is called "Inside the Wind" and I love the colors of the
horizon being echoed in her hair and lessened in the clouds
above. It's nicely balanced and the tumbling leaves really
give it the additional sense of movement. 

And, as a reminder that wind doesn't need to be harsh and heave-handed,
here we have a dandelion with its seeds blowing out into the world
borne on the breath of the wind. 

So there you have it - pics of wind for a windy and cold day. I need to get back to writing my MSV so I wish all of you a wonderful Saturday, a joy-filled Valentine's Day, and a great weekend.

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