Monday, February 16, 2015

What A Weekend!

I volunteered as a pinch-hit author for My Slashy Valentine's fic gifting, and I ran a bit late. The archive was opened at 3:40 pm and I didn't get my story submitted until closer to 9:00 pm. But I got it in and the person I wrote it for was quite pleased with it. That's the important thing.

This is "Sliding House" located in Canyon de Chelly, Arizona. The
inhabitants built their cliff dwelling on a steep slope and the house
has been sliding toward the canyon floor for centuries. 

Life just barreled down like sliding down a steep slope. Saturdays have been easily paced days, but this past Saturday was a total ZOO at work - we were running from the moment the doors were unlocked until we finally locked them again at 5:00 pm. It was a Saturday like we used to have and it was glorious (except for the fact that Chickie didn't get to take a lunch break until 2:30 pm and I didn't get one at all). But it was fun to see so many creative people and help them choose the items that would make their project dreams a reality.

There's more than one way to slide down a slippery slope. Here, two boys are
about to try sliding down a dune in White Sands National Monument, New Mexico. One
is on a plastic disk heading head first, the other is seated on his plastic disc,
going feet first. The dunes are a special place and really wonderful to visit. 

It was a busy week for stories with one drabble, my Monthly challenge and the pinch-hit story all due, done and uploaded. I'll be trying to get things pushed out to my various archives within the next week. I suspect the easiest archive for my non-LJ readers will be at Faerie where I post as Erulisse. All of these stories were G or PG rated, so no fears for those of my friends who don't like reading my more esoteric work. Give me tonight to move things over there.

I would have to add Live Journal to this grouping, but I do get
distracted by FaceBook and YouTube all too often. 

Now it's time to get focused once again. I have a large database to put together for a customer, I'm sure I'll have a new drabble series beginning in a day or two, and I have a couple of past birthdays (oops) and a couple of upcoming birthdays (yippee) to design e-cards for. That'll be fun!

I haven't indulged in Lobsterfest for several years. We did yesterday, though.
Each of us had this - a Maine lobster tail, shrimp and lobster langostino on
linguini, Rock lobster tail with veggies, a salad, and we also had
lobster-stuffed mushrooms for an appetizer. It was just NUMMY! 

Sunday, DH and I spent a somewhat lazy day. We got the shelving back up that we had pulled away for the washer/dryer installation, had a lovely breakfast, I did a quick load of laundry, and then we went to Red Lobster for a post-Valentine's Day dinner of lobster, lobster, and more lobster. Oh happy me! It was scrumpdiddlyumptious! We ended the night by watching Saturday Night Live's 40th Anniversary which was great.

I couldn't stay up for the whole show, so I'll have to try and stream it
or catch it later on video, but the first two hours were excellent! 

So I hope all of you had as wonderful a weekend as I did. I'm already planning the week ahead, secure in the knowledge that the best laid plans will be destroyed quickly. But I have to try. Right? Have a great Monday!

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