Tuesday, February 17, 2015

I'm a Misfit (Of Course, That's Not News)

I'm now a Misfit. Well, I've been a square peg in a round hole for most of my life, so that's no surprise to my long-time friends, but this is a bit different. I splurged and bought myself a wearable fitness app called a Misfit Shine. The app, designed by a former Apple designer, is thin, sleek, elegant, and is the only wearable app I could find that can be worn in water for swimming (one major reason why I bought it). I just received it at the shop yesterday morning and didn't even have a chance to look through the instructions until late in the day. But I've had it on ever since and I'm going to give it a good workout for the next two days - today on my stationary equipment, tomorrow in the pool - and see what I think. So far it's tracking activity and my sleep time well, and it looks really pretty. Take a look...

I chose the Champagne color of the Misfit Shine. It fits in a variety of holders. This
is the sport band. It also has a very strong magnet clasp that comes with it
to attach it to clothing or shoelaces. Options include a leather watchband
and a necklace which I have on order.

It's made of aircraft aluminum and has lights around the outside that indicate how
well you're doing on your fitness goals for the day as well as when you switch
to sleep function. It functions as a watch, although not a great one, but for $100 it
 was affordable, beautiful, and it can go 5 meters down in water. Fabulous!

I have birthdays to do quick cards for. I'm going to have to do them tonight because I'll run too tight on time this morning and I don't have Photoshop on my new laptop (expensive, don'cha know - LOL). But I promise, I'll get cards made and posted for two past birthdays and one current tonight! So don't give up on my even though my time disappeared into smoke over the past five days. I haven't forgotten about you and would never do so!

There are at least two birthdays that I've already missed as well
as my friend Elfscribe5's birthday today. I need to get some e-cards
designed and posted for them! 

I wasn't expecting much with my new fitness regime, except to save my life. (OK, I guess life saving is a big deal - LOL.) I was losing muscle tone at an alarming rate and knew if I didn't want to enter my next decade of life in a wheelchair, I had to do something about it. But it's paying off. I love going to the gym at 5:00 am (yes - I know it's early but it works so well with my crazy schedule) and I'm even losing weight which I also desperately needed. So, as of this morning, I'm down 10 pounds since Christmas. Yippee!

I'm not dieting as much as being conscious of what I eat and adding the
exercise. I actually consider the exercise more important right now so if
the pounds want to leave, I'm all for it! 

So, if I grab pics quickly for this and post it, I might be able to at least get one birthday card done, or not. Have a wonderful Tuesday!

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