Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Drowning Guppy Day

Today is "Drowning Guppy" day and I'll be testing my Misfit in the pool for the first time. I had a fabulous workout yesterday, really pushed myself, but I've got the pool today and that's a different kind of push. I really love my pool days even though I end up swallowing some chlorinated water. I figure "better living through chemistry", right?

Here's a shot from 1967 San Francisco. Better Living
Through Chemistry, Haight-style. 

I'm between shorter writing projects right now, although I'm sure that's quite temporary. That means I can actually spend today working on my taxes (oh joy!). NOT my favorite activity, but it has to be done. I also need to get a duplicate car registration for DH's car. I renewed his license plates as always, but for some unknown reason, he can't find the registration. I know I gave it to him, but frankly, I'm not willing to walk the "he said/she said" road. So I'll just get a duplicate. Easy, peasy. I'd better remember to grab my checkbook in case they want to charge me for it. I don't mind the charge, but they don't accept plastic at the License office.

Why would anyone be selling out-of-date old license plate
tabs? I don't understand why they would have been kept
in the first place. I may need to buy new tabs today, but even
that isn't super expensive. 

I'm beginning to wonder if we'll ever get warm again, although as winter goes, we've been the lucky ones and my friends on the East Coast have been pounded. It's been plenty cold here, but cold just requires more layers and bundles. I haven't had to dig myself out of snow the way we did last year, and I'm extremely grateful for that.

Hat, Scarf, Gloves and Coat. That's what you need to keep
back the cold. I love this great pom-pom hat. It's not
mine, but I'm going to remember it for the future. 

Short and sweet today. Although I missed the end of the dog show, the beagle, Miss P, won and she was a stunner. I saw her on Monday night when she won the hound group. I hope all of you have a truly stellar day and I'll be back tomorrow. Happy Wednesday!

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