Friday, February 13, 2015

Anniversaries and Anniversaries

DH and I celebrate two anniversaries each year, but the one on February 12th is the more important one - that's the day we met - really spent time talking with one another. We moved in together within six weeks after this.

I got really lucky with my DH. We drive each other crazy sometimes,
but there's a lot of love there too. 

It was a hard long day at work, but when I got home it was to the card I quite below, shrimp, stuffed chicken breast with rice and green beads almondine, and a single red rose. It was our 38th anniversary and it was a perfect meal. I gained a little weight, but today is a guppy day and I'll work it right back off. It was a fabulous card that brought me to tears and I share it with all of you.

Just a single red rose - perfect. 

To My Wife -
So there's this guy.
Meets a girl.
(Great girl. REALLY GREAT girl.)
Seriously wins her over and convinces her to marry him.
It's a HAPPY day.
One of the happiest of his life.
But the BEST thing is - the happy days keep coming.
Week after week.
Year after year.

And even when life isn't perfect and wonderful, somehow she makes it better.
Just by being herself.
Just by loving him like she does.
And one day, it hits him.
That whole happily-ever-after thing?
Maybe it's not just for fairy tales.
Maybe it does happen - even to average guys like him.
He may not own a white horse, but he got the girl.
The BEST girl.
And somewhere out there, there's a sunset with their name on it.

I love our story.
And I Love You

There are more sunsets for us to watch together. 

Sappy? Sure. But it's still bringing me to tears this morning as I read it again and type it here for my friends to share. Just thought you'd like to know that sometimes my real life can be a storybook happily-ever-after and that sometimes we get lucky and grab that golden ring while riding the carousel. Happy Friday to all, I'm off to the swimming pool.

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