Thursday, February 12, 2015

Too Much To Do and It's COLD!

I have one fic due tonight which I'm ALMOST done revising, and picked up another quick one due in two days. That one won't be a masterpiece, but I'll do my best to compose something interesting and fun to read. Of course we got two major shipments in at work which will keep me away from my computer during the day (sometimes I can catch up a little bit over lunch time), so it's a total crunch time for me. I should be able to get some serious work done this morning after my time at the gym, so that's what I'm shooting for - productive writing time on my laptop at the shop before I unlock to the cold, frozen hordes just dying to buy beads and leather.

I'll be ready to open my doors to the invading beading hordes
at 10:00 am. But who will want to shop on a -16F day? 

Yes, today is a cold one. It's currently 0 F degrees with a stiff wind that makes it feel like -16 F. Ack! I think I'll be plenty happy to overheat on the bike and treadmill this morning. I'll hate having to go back out into the cold, but getting warm on the equipment will be a joy.

I think I'll continue with the virtual programs. I get to run
through some pretty spectacular scenery when I do that. 

Yesterday, despite oversleeping (majorly) and having to put out the garbage and shovel the driveway, I still managed to get to the gym on time for my drowning guppy day. Actually, I'm seeing real improvement there, so I'm almost graduating to "Gasping Guppy" instead of drowning one. Little steps...

Guppies are actually very pretty fish. They have these
great fanning tails in many colors. But they're small, so
they tend to be in a lot of poorly kept aquariums and fish bowls. 

So not a lot going on right now. My mind is flinging plots through the aether in hopes that I can whip one onto the computer screen in record time, and I just need to settle down and finish the final bit on my other story. I'm suddenly glad I didn't ask for elements in one other open writing option I had. For some reason I just kept putting it off. I'm very glad that I did.

Everybody stay warm today!

Have a productive and cozy day.

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