Monday, February 23, 2015

What Did You Do This Past Weekend?

I want carpeting and need my house cleaned and organized. Thus, my living room currently has boxes around it labelled alphabetically and each one, now, contains one or more books. Paperbacks. From my hallway bookshelves which have to be cleared off and moved before carpet can become a reality.

We have half-high bookcases down our hallway, similar to these. They
extend the entire length, are golden oak in color, and have books throughout
the shelving as well as on the top of the shelves. I managed to clear the
top of the shelves yesterday in four hours of work. Baby steps ...

More than just pulling books off the shelves and putting them into boxes by author's last name, I want to know what I own. So, I'm cataloging the books at the same time using an app on my phone and an ISBN scanner (when applicable). I'm using "Book Catalogue" as my program. I had tried it out with my previous phone for a little bit, and it had worked, but I'm a bit more experienced now. I know what to do with older books that don't have a current ISBN or, in some cases, that don't have any cataloging numbers at all. I know how to change the cover pics, enter books manually, and which fields I want filled in.

I researched several apps, but Book Catalogue seemed
the best supported and had the best reviews of all
the apps out there. It works on Android as well as iPhone
based phones. 

Sunday afternoon was spent working on this project, and I got a lot done. But there's still a lot to do so I'll be working at this every spare minute for quite a while. I'm happy with what I've accomplished so far, though. Now to read through their directions for how to back this up to my computer. I'd hate to go through this and not have a way to retrieve it if my phone broke or was stolen.

Jennifer Lopez wore Elie Saab. I don't think J-Lo can
ever look bad, and this dress - was pure Princess. I loved it. 

Last night I watched the gowns on the runway for the Academy Awards and the very beginning performance by Neil Patrick Harris, then called it quits and went to bed. It's bone-chilling cold today, which means my bed is also cold. I ended up sleeping in my t-shirt and a pair of yoga pants under the covers. I should probably hunt up another cover for tonight.

Another dress I really liked was this dazzling number worn
by Emma Stone. Again, the designer was Elie Saab. I guess
I really enjoyed her design choices this year. 

It'll be -10F (-23.3C) when I leave for the gym in half an hour. It's a Drowning Guppy day, but it might be better called a "Frozen Guppy" day. I think this will be the worst of the cold, though, and we'll actually warm up to 20F (-6C) by mid-afternoon. If nothing else, this state keeps me entertained with its weather and temperature swings. Hope you had a great weekend, and have a happy and fulfilling Monday.

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