Saturday, February 21, 2015

Are You Sleeping? A Photo Blog

It's cold, I'm dressed for the gym, but it doesn't open until 6:00 am, so it's a later start than what has become my norm, and I have a load running in the dryer. For reference, it's 4:36 am right now. What are you doing? Are you sleeping like most 'normal' people? I don't blame you at all. I think I need a photo blog, so here's one on sleeping.

Am I the only one creeped out by Sleeping Beauty? OK, first of all, you can't
price your finger on a spindle. But inaccuracy number one put aside, what about
decay? Are even the microbes supposed to cease their natural rhythms? And this
bramble hedge. In the original story, it's peppered with the bodied of slain
suitors. Ick! And looking at the pic above, the rose. Really? And she's sleeping
wearing a crown? Does the prince really need someone this self-centered? 

These lovely sleeping yellow lab puppies are much more to my liking. I can
just hear the contented snuffling sounds of little doggy dreams. 

Of course I can't leave sleeping puppies behind without including this one. Isn't
he just cute, Cute, CUTE???

Kittens can look pretty adorable when they're sleeping too. At least you have
the assurance that for those few minutes, the cat isn't getting into any mischief. 

I love this picture of a sleeping fox. The colors are so vivid and bright. 

I'll end with this picture of sleeping otters, because I can. And because I love
otters. And because it's darned cute! 

Have a really wonderful weekend. I'll be off at 5:00 pm tonight and hope to have a nice Sunday with DH and cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. It could be worse! See you on Monday. Sleep well....

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