Friday, February 20, 2015

Hide Quickly! DH is Cleaning!

DH has apparently taken it into his head that I'm a messy person. Duh! We've been together for more than 40 years now, and he is just now deciding that? What's really bothering him is that he can't get into the lateral file because I have books in front of it. I admit that books are my bane. It's one really good reason why going to NookBooks several years ago was the Best Thing Ever. Those 600+ books I've got in e-format are not taking up physical space. Hallelujah!

If I didn't buy my books in e-format, every wall in my house would
look like this. I just love books, can't stop reading them, and having
them electronically has been one of the BEST things EVER! 

But he's got a point - we need to get things into some semblance of order. He's as bad as I am in the rooms he calls his own - the Library and most of the bedroom - but he has far more time to take care of things than I do.

He needs a new computer corner unit, similar to this. The one we have is like this,
but of cheap materials (falling apart) and because of the design in the center,
can only allow a small monitor. We also need the space on top (where the
white candles are) for the small TV that we use in that room. 

So apparently on his day off yesterday, he was busy moving and boxing some of my books, as well as measuring, measuring, measuring. That means he's going to build something or move something, and actually, his computer corner really needs an upgrade. The design of it limits the size of monitor he can have and he needs a better one. I've learned to run for the hills when he drags out the measuring tape and starts writing down numbers. I'm really happy I was at work when all of this was taking place.

It's a drowning guppy day today and I think I'll bring my swim paddles along with me, maybe try them out for a lap or two. The paddles fit over your hands and help increase the resistance so that your upper body gets a better workout. Since working on my upper body is the reason I swim, and since I'm constantly trying to build up the strength in my off-side, that might be the ticket for today.

Paddles should help me develop my shoulder and back muscles. 

Oh, and it's Friday. Sure hope DH has an idea for fish for dinner since he likes to eat fish during Lent. Since I don't celebrate that particular faith/belief/holiday, I don't really care, but I'm perfectly fine with fish. Fish is good! Happy Friday, everyone!

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