Wednesday, February 25, 2015

What Day Is It Again?

I awakened this morning and it took me a little bit to remember that it's Wednesday, not Tuesday. I'm really grateful that it's Wednesday, I don't think I have the strength to add another day to my work week. But today is a busy one. It's my "day off" which means that I have errands all day and a nice break to talk with Aearwen late this afternoon. Hopefully today the gremlins can keep themselves out of our talk.

By the time Aearwen and I had been interrupted or had our phone call
dropped for the fourth time last week, we finally gave up and stopped
our conversation early. Hopefully today will go smoother. 

It's rather frightening - February is almost over and I look back over the month and wonder what I've accomplished. Sure, I've written some things, but nothing of any real impact (except, possibly my Olorin tale - "A Recipe for Success"). I've really been concentrating on getting the rhythm of the gym every morning and seeing what I can do to fold writing into that schedule. I'll need to have this down to a fine science by the time NaNoWriMo comes around, or I'll have to skip NaNo, which would be disappointing.

I want a sense of accomplishment! I want, I want!
(And I want the skills to produce a pumpkin carving this good!)

But I feel remarkably unaccomplished so far this year. Maybe that will change in March. DH is continuing to fight his way back to good health and with both of us focused, I do feel as if we're actually getting somewhere on that, but me? Meh!

Maybe I accomplished something after all. All three of today's
random pictures are colored in similar fashion and make a really
nice grouping. HAH! Take THAT, feelings of unaccomplishment! 

Maybe it's just a "Meh" kind of day. I'll feel better after an hour in the pool. Have a great Wednesday everyone.

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